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266,00 kr
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Power supply and battery charger for:
  • AUDIOCASE B1 Battery Pack

100-240V~50/60Hz, DC 16.8V⎓3.86A

5 / 5

Customer reviews

My S5 and S10 exceed any possible expectations I may have had about sound quality — they sound pristine!

– Brian Stokes

I received my Audiocase and I’m blown away! It is better than i excpected! Slick, well made, powerful. Just all around a great product! Well done!

– Marko Strihic

Received mine today. Amazing — worked instantly, plays exquisitely, and I was positively surprised to find I can recharge the battery outside the Audiocase. That makes my choice of buying the extra battery so much better in retrospect.

– Wilhelm Svenselius

The design is understated, elegant, and minimalistic. The materials used are remarkable and the finish is flawless — Just perfect!

– Sandeep Vij

Finally, it arrived. Oh, so worth the wait. It's got such a rich sound, loving it.

– Adam Brimmer