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Audiocase is a Danish company founded in Copenhagen in 2014 by Søren Larsen and Kalle Graverholt. The company recently launched two new portable speakers aiming to disrupt the market for portable loudspeakers. These all-in-one speakers serve as portable speakers, home audio systems, practice amplifiers, PA systems, and karaoke machines. Co-founder Søren Larsen emphasizes their versatile design, combining style and function with durable materials.

The Audiocase speakers are designed by the award-winning studio KILO Design in collaboration with Sound Hub Denmark, and offer world-class acoustical tuning. Audiocase creates powerful portable speakers that can connect to various devices, including Bluetooth sources, musical instruments, microphones, and DJ systems. The speakers are engineered to produce distortion-free sound, even at high volume levels.

With a contemporary and practical design, the speakers can seamlessly blend into different settings and are light enough for easy transportation, suitable for a living room, office, or party. These portable speakers are versatile, powerful, and stylish, making them a game-changer for musicians and creatives.